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Zone of discomfort

  •  August 13, 2020

Zone of discomfort

You chose the gym or the walk to lose weight. Review the strategy. Study reveals that the body gets used to the effort, which stops taking effect. So what to do?

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You kept your New Year's promise and enrolled in the gym.

And, what is commendable, is managing to keep up not only the booklet, but the habit.

But while the results are exciting, there is a threat to everyone who works out regularly.

According to a study by the City University of New York, in the long run, the exercise always fails to produce results.

To investigate the phenomenon, scientists analyzed the behavior at the academy of 300 volunteers.

All had their energy expenditure and activity levels analyzed over a week.

They found that over a period of time, too much exercise no longer burns any calories.

We know how much exercise is important in the weight loss process, which doesn't just include dietary reeducation.

What this research reinforces is just that, as exercise as a unique weight loss strategy doesn't work.

Apparently, this reduction in energy expenditure could be regarded as good news, as the body is not exposed to extremes in the inflammatory process due to any activity.

But this "efficiency" of the body puts weight loss on a plateau.

The new research, published in the magazine Current Biologyshowed a weak but measurable link between physical activity and daily energy expenditure.

While moderately active people burned about 200 more calories a day than most sedentary people, those who faced higher levels of exercise saw no extra benefit.

"The most physically active people spend the same amount of calories / day as moderately active people," said study leader Dr. Herman Pontzer.

The researcher points out that the physical activity aimed at weight loss represents a "trick".

While doing little is not healthy, doing too much is a great metabolic adjustment for the body.

And also a questionable progress.

In doubt?

Invest in varying activities, alternating equipment at the gym and even days of outdoor exercise.

Talk to your personal.

Zone of Discomfort (August 2020)