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Your weight, your fate?

  •  April 3, 2020

Your weight your fate

The accordion effect is only successful in forró. Scientists claim we were born with a programmed form: some with less, some with more. Most try to escape fate, but the body sabotages any diet to return to its "natural weight." It will be?

According to the theory of “intuitive eating,” most of us are born with a natural knowledge of what and how to eat. This includes knowing when you are hungry or satiated, your preferences and most importantly: how your body feels about the choices you have made. Unfortunately, many of us, for various reasons, lose touch with this "inner wisdom." The challenge is to escape the pitfalls that habits impose on us to find our way back.

Among the pitfalls is our relationship with diets. According to Steven Hawks, professor of health sciences at Brigham Young University, evolution has taught us that less food is a sign of scarcity. And because every diet makes us close our mouths, the body understands that it must rebel - and accumulate as much fat as possible.

But what would be the way out? The book Intuitive Eating, a publishing success in the United States, points out some ways. As a main tip, he says we should focus on the satisfaction that a meal provides. That is, do not wait long to eat after hunger strikes, because we will be voracious. And stop before we stuff ourselves, because there's no need.

Of course, if we can do this in tranquil environments, away from emotional problems and eating slowly, savoring each food, it helps. Include exercises, we all know it also adds. And the benefits outweigh any effort: less triglycerides, more HDL (the “good cholesterol”), increased self-esteem, improved emotional state and peace with oneself. And with the balance!

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