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Your mother already knew: six pack abs only in the tank

  •  April 5, 2020

Your mother already knew: six pack abs only in the tank

Gift of the modern times. And from Greek! Women who are mothers every day get an extra 200 calories doing nothing - and that's the reason.

It's not easy being a mother, but it's been worse. We already live in a time without a microwave, a washing machine, or disposable diapers. That is, to drive a home was a son in one arm and the laundry tank in the other! With the ease of modern living, American research reveals that today's mothers need 200 fewer calories a day than in 1965. Without being spent on household chores, where do you think they are going?

For 45 years, two groups were followed: mothers with children under 5 and those with children under 18. Mothers of younger children do 14 hours less exercise per week, accumulating 225 extra calories each day (1,573 per week). For those with older children, the accumulation is 177 calories a day, with 11 hours less activity than before.

The “workout” involved intense physical activities such as taking care of children, playing with them, preparing family meals, doing dishes and cleaning the house. Today they spend 25% more time on the computer, TV and smartphone than cleaning. But the problem doesn't stop there. Researchers at the University of South Carolina warn that this lifestyle is leaving a dangerous legacy as, according to evolution, children are at risk of developing obesity and diabetes, among other diseases.

It is up to each one to become aware and make the change so that a new lifestyle can try to reverse this picture. How about climbing the stairs today? And since we can't get rid of apps, here's how we can help with a story already published.

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