You are everything!

  •  April 6, 2020

You are everything!

Sometimes we are very cruel to our own appearance. And also about how we play our roles as mothers. Needing a stimulus? Stop for three minutes to watch this video.

And then stop to think. Because in the eyes of others, you are not doing so badly. To tell the truth, quite the opposite! Know that your efforts are indeed acknowledged. To understand, watch this video, posted by the site Potential Pregnant.

In it, some women were asked to describe themselves as mothers. A few days later they returned to see what their children had said about them. See the result - exciting and beautiful!

For me, although I talk about it a lot here, more important than fitness is attitude. The rest, we take lyrics!

Gummy (거미) - You Are My Everything Lyrics (Han/Rom/Eng) (April 2020)