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Yoga to define the abdomen

  •  April 5, 2020

Yoga to define the abdomen

Okay, if you have to close your mouth, you even stare. But when it comes to exercise… Yes, losing weight is everyone's goal. But there are people who really do not get along with gym and sweat. How about a practice that helps you lose weight gently?

Yoga is Indian practice, which emerged about 5,000 years ago. For our interest, it acts in the control of anxiety, one of the greatest enemies of the diet. Although not all of its benefits have been studied, yoga stimulates metabolism and regulates hormone production. According to theory, asanas (postures) do a kind of massage on the thyroid. It is the stimulation of this gland that can cause weight loss. In addition there are also the most vigorous styles. In an hour of power yoga, about 500 calories go away, the same amount as a longer step lesson.

But let's start slowly. Clear your mind and at the same time tone your abdominal area with this simple yoga movement: start breathing slowly and deeply, breathing in and out through your nose. At the same time, contract the belly and release. It is in this region that the deepest abdominal muscles are concentrated, which help to "contain" our organs.

After a few breaths, make them shorter (always through your nose), focusing on exhaling. This movement strengthens the abdomen and relaxes the normally tense muscles of the diaphragm. Try three sets of 10 repetitions three times a day. For more tips to reduce measurements, click here.

When you decide to speed up, try my LIT workout, which keeps your metabolism going for up to 4 hours later. And it's super easy, you do it as hard as you can, with just 20 minutes a day - check it out!

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