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Wrinkled Excuses

  •  May 31, 2020

We have gotten used to lame excuses. But how to react to crumpled excuses? Video promotes recipes that should be served to friends with whom we hit the ball.

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You Suck at Cooking YouTube Channel teaches basic recipes in fun contexts.

The idea is to show that following recipes is simple and works.

To promote its content, the channel has chosen mashed potatoes as the “universal apology”.

After all, one way to apologize is to offer yourself a specialty.

The choice of a specific dish was presented as a basic reason for “batatology”: everyone likes mashed potatoes and tasting the dish softens anyone's heart.

To show how this works, the channel has produced a humorous video.

In it, the dish is prepared to suit the size of one's fault.

Three recipes are presented for three levels of "wavering", such as forgetting to return a book, being 30 minutes late on a date, or hitting the borrowed car.

And would you forgive someone a serious lack for a portion of mashed potatoes?

Watch the video now - see how to enable the following Portuguese subtitles.

The original audio for this video is in English. To watch the subtitled version, click on the gear icon, then "subtitles / CC", "machine translation" and select "Portuguese" as the language.

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