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Would you pay $ 16,000 for a pineapple?

  •  April 3, 2020

Would you pay $ 16,000 for a pineapple?

Besides being a delicious fruit, pineapple is also a symbol of hospitality and friendship in some cultures. It is very easy to find and buy any pineapple in the markets except one.

The most expensive pineapple in the world is only 6 inches, but it can be priced at $ 16,000 per unit. They say his taste is second to none. No wonder Queen Elizabeth II was presented with one of these on the 50th anniversary of her coronation.

What makes pineapple so expensive is that it is grown by a group of British gardeners using Victorian planting techniques. The fruits are grown in “pineapple pits”, which are built and maintained following the most traditional practices. These pits function as sunken greenhouses, which are regularly filled with horse dung and urine. Decomposition of manure generates heat, which is channeled through the pit walls. It is worth mentioning that the fruits do not come in contact with the manure.


Of this pineapple nobody will want to get rid of, right?

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