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With your mouth on the world

  •  April 3, 2020

With your mouth on the world

For the transparency in the plate. To provide foods with eye-catching color and brilliance, manufacturers use substances that affect our health. Organized consumers put their mouths on the world, online, against the colorful danger in meals.

Who would say a confetti could hurt? Or a piece of fried chicken? The threat comes not in portions, but with the daily consumption of foods that use dyes, preservatives and chemical elements in their formulas. Often without communicating to the population.

In the United States, cases such as the blue dye used in M&M chocolate draw attention to consumer reaction. Pressured by a petition organized by Renee Shutters, with 142,000 Internet entries, Mars, the company's maker, will replace the oil-based ingredient with an algae essence, still under study. Fast-food chain Chick-fil-A, which also uses oil-derived dye on its fried chicken, under pressure from blogger Vani Hari, who has collected 200,000 signatures, has publicly pledged to swap it for natural paprika and saffron bases. .

The fight goes on. Exchanging artificial colors with natural compounds will not be cheap for the industry. With them, the products are not as bright, colorful or stable. Brands use corn fructose syrups, saturated fat and excess sodium (and without warning) simply because it has always been so. But what is changing is the behavior behind this counter. Greater awareness of what we eat is pushing manufacturers to take it easy. When we take all the dyes out, what we get is transparency. This is what our meal is in need of.

With your mouth on the world

It was to look after her son Trenton that Renee Shutters collected signatures against blue dye.

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