With your head in the clouds

  •  March 28, 2020

With your head in the clouds

They say artists live in the clouds. With the work of artist Janet Echelman, it is her works that float in the air. Multicolored urban installations fascinate for simplicity. When we saw it, we already fell into the net.

Seeking recycling in the late 1990s, Canadian artist Janet Echelman traveled to India. But upon arriving at the fishing village of Mahabalipuram, he had an epiphany. Or, as the saying goes, "the chip has fallen." Her preconceived ideas were revised, and she began a new work.

Back in Canada, he combined his knowledge of fishing nets with his studio inks. The colors and the plots took care of the rest. At this point, Janet has reinvented her career, creating a way to forge volumetric shapes without the use of heavy materials. Now she devotes all her time and energy to creating gigantic sculptures in the most varied places in the world.

Seattle, Santa Monica, Phoenix, Sydney, Lithuania, India… Now, Janet plans to install her largest sculpture in Vancouver in March. To this end, it is collecting contributions through the Kickstaster virtual platform. To help the project, you can purchase prints, t-shirts and objects with the artist's new works.

Check out the images and a video of this floating art.

With your head in the clouds

With his head in the clouds1

With your head in the clouds

With his head in the clouds4

joji - Head in the Clouds ☁☁☁ (official music video) (March 2020)