With the knives in the luggage

  •  September 23, 2020

With the knives in the suitcase

Needing to broaden your horizons on the table? Take a break from your calendar and enroll in two to five day courses in the United States. The Culinary Institute of America is headquartered in California, New York, and Texas for easy choice.

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If you love food, consider taking this passion a little more seriously. At least one trip.

To learn how to cook and deal with everything that involves culinary knowledge, there are several alternatives. But if you have time for a long-term commitment, such as a college, you can invest in a short course.

Just like what the Culinary Institute of America, known by the acronym CIA, offers under the suggestive name of Boot Camps. With fast pace and almost no time for rest, the similarity of these courses to "military camp" is not just in name.

In the evenings you spend at the booked hotel in the surroundings. The days are for learning, which starts at six in the morning. With lunch break, classes run until 8:30 pm.

It is not necessary to bring school supplies, because knives are not easy to transport across borders. But complete kits are for sale, starting at $ 175.

Two chef uniforms per student are also provided. The good news is that no one needs to wash the dishes in the end.

Cheered up?

The basic course lasts five days. The menu includes developing knife skills, terminology and cooking methods, wet and dry. At the California unit, the first class takes place February 23-27 next.

For the more advanced, the options are varied, from patisserie to ethnic cuisine by country, for example.

In this first semester, the healthy eating course will be offered from 04/28 to 01/05 and from 11 to 14 August. See the full list, plus some recipes and articles, in the Taste magazine published by the Institute - click here.

Perhaps her hobby among the pots does not evolve, and her vocation makes her able to face new adventures?

Careers open for those who participate in this type of exchange program. Just give it a try.

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