Why do we cry with joy?

  •  April 10, 2020

Why do we cry with joy?

The ceremony takes place without fail. The scene is exciting and, in the photo, most are smiling. Except you, who shows up with blurry, weeping makeup. Yale University scientists find out why we cry when we are so happy.

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Ever wonder why we cry when we are happy, laugh nervously, or scream when we are excited? The answer, according to a Yale University study, is that this is a way for the body to restore emotional balance.

The confusion of reactions acts as a kind of valve to put the most intense feelings under control.

Although reacting differently to what is expected has a complicated name (“dysmorphic expressions”), there is nothing wrong with that.

The research, published in the magazine Psychological science, adds knowledge about how people express and control their emotions. These are milestones used to assess physical and mental health, the quality of relationships, and how people interact professionally.

The science of why we cry tears of joy (April 2020)