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Who rides earn more

  •  April 10, 2020

Who rides earn more

Bike is all good. Best for those who use as a means of transportation beyond leisure. Whether you're from home for work or on weekends, it's important to be friends with your bike. It is even possible to profit from it.

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The example comes from France, where about 17 million people ride bicycles at least once a week. Of these, three million prefer the bike to go to and from work. There, the implementation of a program that will pay those who use the bike for this purpose is being finalized.

To promote the health of the population, act on traffic problems and alleviate air pollution rates, the government intends to increase this number by at least 50%. And the convincing is by the pocket.

The program already has the adhesion of 20 large companies, totaling more than 10,000 employees. Everyone who commits to cycling back and forth will earn between 21 and 25 cents ($ 0.75) per mile driven. In the European country, the average distance of this trip is three and a half kilometers.

In Europe, initiatives like this are already being adopted in other countries. Some offer tax relief, others provide financial support for bicycle purchases, and others adopt the same payment system per mile driven. Among them are Denmark, Germany and Belgium. Not to mention the Netherlands, a country where only 13% of the population has a car and has one of the highest rates of cyclists: around 25% of people who go from home to work do this by bike.

Around here, the bike-friendly incentive has also had good results. To help, my São Paulo already has 63 km of cycle paths and 120 km of bike lanes released on Sundays and holidays. Who knows if companies encourage the use, we can count more, besides the financial remuneration, with the profit of practicing a healthy physical activity.

Who rides earn more

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