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Who never?

  •  September 23, 2020

Who never?

Imagine if, in the great moments of mankind, the famous (and not so) had smartphones with internet access on hand to register their own photos. These are the "histograms" when history finds the laid-back Instagram record.

All of us, some more, some less, manifest narcissistic characteristics. And that is very good for our emotional balance. That is to the ego. But this growing craze may be linked to mental health problems, which focus on a person's obsession with appearance.

To criticize not only this growing habit, but our own relationship with mobile technology, New York's digital artists Gusto and Gavin Alaoen created a series of images, brought together in the virtual album Histagrams. In these fictional posts, the facts and people are (or were) real. The images, gathered from films and other sources, are placed in historical contexts. We have already seen an advertising campaign that made this time travel. But here the work presents the absurdity of the situation with humor, emphasized by the texts and comments we can see.

Check out some of the “historical” posts.

Who never?

Darth Vader, a soft-hearted villain on social networks


Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who all his life has promoted his own image, would have loved to enjoy more


Did Charles Darwin join Instagram, and would evolution have another theory?


"A girl must be two things - classy and # fabulous," according to Chanel - Stravisnky agrees!


Everyday banalities, such as Benjamin Franklyn's kite, about to "discover" electricity, in 1752 "photo"


Seconds to total extinction, dinosaur thinks meteor is shooting star

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