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White Fish Ceviche

  •  April 10, 2020

White Fish Ceviche

Peruvian recipe, ceviche is one of those dishes that vary the consumption of fish. Light and fresh, goes well as starter and main course. Moreover, its preparation is very easy. See below - with video.

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Rich in protein and zero carbs, ceviche is a typical Peruvian dish.

Very easy to make, this classic of ethnic cuisine guarantees the abundant contribution of fish.

This is because it is based on raw fish marinated in lemon juice.

Fresh and delicious aroma, the preparation is perfect for a light lunch.

Or even at a balcony reception, for example.

For the main ingredient, use sea bass, whiting, boyfriend, sole or even tilapia.

The following recipe yields three servings, with 116 Kcal each.

White Fish Ceviche



2 white fish fillets
2 lemons
1 small diced red onion
1 minced finger pepper
1 slice of diced and seedless watermelon
Green chives, salt and pepper to taste
Dash of olive oil

Method of preparation

Cut the fish fillets into small cubes.
In a bowl, combine with the chopped onion.
Add the pepper, the green onions.
Add the watermelon cubes and mix.
Season with salt and pepper to taste.
Pour a drizzle of olive oil.
Add freshly squeezed lemon juice.
Mix well and serve ice cream.

Check out the video below the step by step of this recipe.

How to Make White Fish Ceviche (April 2020)