Where does intelligence live?

  •  April 3, 2020

Where does intelligence live?

More study time means being smarter, right? Wrong. A high IQ is not enough to guarantee your achievements. Developing moral, emotional and body intelligence leads to a better life. According to a study, 85% of success comes from these skills, and only 15% comes from logical knowledge.

It is almost certain that a high Intelligence Quotient will take you to… the high. But to stay there you have to work on a set of intelligences that, surprisingly, are not confined to your head. Research from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in the United States indicates that one's ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead, combined, ensures longer-term prosperity. To exercise these skills, you need to know them better.

Emotional intelligence

In short, Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage emotions to achieve goals, utilizing this ability to build and strengthen relationships. According to Daniel Goleman, author of the book that introduced this concept to the general public when it was launched in 1995, good results in any area of ​​activity depend only on 20% IQ and 80% QE (Emotional Quotient). To develop it, the tip is to link with your thoughts. Keeping a journal or blog helps. And being at peace is critical, as stress impairs activation.

Moral Intelligence

Commitment, integrity, sympathy and ability to forgive. These increasingly rare qualities identify the people for whom honesty matters - and make a difference. To exercise this side, you need to avoid excuses, take responsibility, and show respect for people, regardless of who they are.

Body intelligence

Having body awareness is a prerequisite for working on this intelligence, which is based on instinct. All the time, our body sends us messages, which we must know how to interpret. If we are tired, it is necessary to rest. If we are very still, we must exercise. Being good with the body is being at peace with feelings, which influences self-confidence and personal energy levels. The idea is that with all the "pile" no one holds us!

That is, a high IQ benefits you. However, the other intelligences, if well worked, bring benefits to all the people with whom you relate.

Watch the following video with writer Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence.

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