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When the gym pays off

  •  April 10, 2020

We know that those who go to the gym are more fit than those who don't even walk in the door. Now a new study reveals how healthier and fit the most committed are.

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It is not just about having a six pack abs.

People who go to the gym are taking care of their health.

And they are succeeding.

According to a new study, gym workouts are 14 times more aerobically active.

People enrolled in the gym did an average of six more hours of exercise per week.

In the study, they revealed lower heart rate and lower waist circumference.

And also higher levels of cardiovascular fitness.

These indices were measured by heart strength, lung function and muscle mass.

They also spent less time sitting daily.

Another difference is that they practice more resistance exercises.

This strengthens the muscles, lowers blood pressure and can increase metabolic rates.

Results were similar for men and women.

While it is obvious that gym members are healthier, this has not been previously proven.

So who knits in other environments is wasting time?

Not even.

People in the study who exercised as much as enrolled had similar reductions in cardiovascular risk factors.

Remember that those who work out in parks or on the waterfront increase vitamin D levels, reduce stress and depression.

And you feel more revitalized and positive about life.

The message is one.

Whether in a gym or outdoors, work out.

The study was published in the scientific journal Plos One.

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