When the cinema is the poster

  •  April 10, 2020

Popcorn? The most cozy cinema in the world has more than that. Discover the room in Japan that offers modern and traditional comfort with the kotatsu technique.

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To leave home and watch a movie, it is not enough for the film to be a spectacle.

It means that the cinema itself must be an attraction.

And the rooms have tried, incorporating 3D and 4D technology.

But one room decided to immerse itself in a centuries-old tradition to offer the best experience.

This is Let’s Cine Park in the Japanese city of Tokorozawa.

In addition to the normal seats of any movie theater, this one offers premium cabins.

In them you have the privileged view.

And the comfort of a kotatsu table.

The tradition comes from the Edo era (1603 - 1868).

It has a small electric heater built into the center and facing downwards.

And it is "sealed" with a thick blanket to prevent hot air from escaping.

Its occupants fit their legs underneath and everyone is snuggled.

The idea seems perfect, especially when the weather cools.

Perhaps this is one more reason for you to finally get to know Japan.

But to enjoy the experience, you have to program yourself.

There are few kotatsu seats available.

Thus, you need to book in advance.

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