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What now, Dukan?

  •  April 5, 2020

Credibility has risen in the balance. Sued for commercially promoting his diet and facing several criticisms, Dr. Pierre Dukan is prohibited from practicing medicine on his own. With millions of followers worldwide, the question is, now what?

Accused of turning medicine into a business, France's Conseil National De l'ordre des Médecins (the body equivalent to the Federal Council of Medicine of Brazil) has definitively revoked the license for Pierre Dukan to appear as a doctor.

Even though he left the association in 2012, Dukan was unable to stop the disciplinary process that led to his expulsion. Her method is now regarded as a marketing gimmick rather than a responsible diet.

The famous Dukan Method, based on a diet that favors high protein consumption, has long been criticized by doctors for causing food imbalances in its practitioners. In addition to distrust in its own territory, the British Dietitians Association has included the Dukan method in its list of "five famous diets to be avoided." The French Food Safety Agency has warned of physical risks arising from diet, such as kidney failure and cardiovascular risk. In Spain, where its flagship book has sold more than 150,000 copies, the Review, Study and Position Group of the Spanish Association of Dietitians-Nutritionists considered in a 2011 report that the method is a fraud.

Dukan's statements in the media reveal that the process does not concern him. He considers his exposure an “old story,” and prefers to make accusations that his colleagues prefer to keep medicine behind weight loss.

In his defense, he recalled that the current French president, François Hollande, lost weight during the election campaign thanks to his method. And that is accessible to anyone willing to pay six euros, the price of his book - which has sold 13 million copies worldwide. The "damage" is great. In all, Dukan has published about 20 titles, translated into 26 languages. In 2008, it opened an internet coaching service, which in three years was used by 250,000 people. It is estimated that its business moves 100 million euros per year (about 325 million reais).

The message is the usual: beware of fad diets. Advertising is the soul of business. But your health, no.

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What now, Dukan?

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