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What is Olga's secret?

  •  April 5, 2020

What is Olga's secret?

Living the best time of her life, Olga Kotelko is a phenomenon of disposition. At the age of 94, he is a record-breaking shot, long jump and 200m runner. But the best is your example: it's never too late to start.

In all, Olga is the owner of 26 records. If you think this is the result of a lifetime of training, you are mistaken. The mood attacked this nice grandma when she turned 77.

To explain all this vitality, many causes have been pointed out: genetics, eating habits, rhythm of life. Although subjected to several tests, no factor was determined to be conclusive. Perhaps it is simply the practice of the exercise itself. The recommendation is older than her, but it doesn't go out of style: exercise makes your heart and muscles strong. It also keeps the brain active by promoting new synapses in the hippocampus, which is associated with memory.

Certainly, your secret is not on the plate. At her age, Olga looks at everything and without restraint, as if there is no tomorrow. Skipping the salad, she eats red meat, sausages, dairy products and, imagine, tapioca. And this Canadian doesn't expect to rest anytime soon. In February, it is 95 years old. Your happiness is greater because you can now compete in another category (95 to 99 years), and thus can earn more medals.

What Makes Olga Run ("What Makes Olga Run") is the book's title that attempts to explain this phenomenon of vitality. I hope it will be released soon in Brazil, so this example will be more accessible. In a previous matter, we already said that attitude is ageless. Do you agree? Come tell me in my online chat, where we can personally exchange ideas on nutrition and healthy living.

What is Olga's secret?

Here's a video featuring this grandma in action!

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