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Wake up, there will be cake

  •  September 20, 2020

Forget the warm French bread and even the nonfat granola yogurt. According to gastronomic consultancy, the trend is chocolate cake for breakfast.

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The animation that the headline must have provoked is justified.

After all, under many criteria, the choice seems too inappropriate.

But according to innovators and trends experts, 2017 is the year of breakfast chocolate cake.

The nomination is from Liz Moskow, director of gastronomy at Sterling-Rice Group, who is active in food advertising.

Customers include giants such as Kellog’s and Heinz.

The controversy was published in an interview with the newspaper The independent.

But believe me, the chocolate cake in question has the best of intentions.

In fact, the focus is on cocoa.

Concerning healthy eating, chocolate's raw material is highlighted for its cognitive and nutritional benefits.

Even for the skin.

Eating chocolate regularly was associated with cognitive function, in a study published in the journal Appetite earlier this year.

Another study by Tel Aviv University suggested that eating chocolate in the morning may help with weight loss.

The reason would be because it reduces anxiety throughout the day.

Added to this is the fact that the morning is the most favorable time for eating sweets.

Precisely because we have the day to burn the most ingested calories with the choice.

“In addition to the benefits, the appeal brings the nice idea of ​​having dessert for breakfast,” said Liz.

"(So we anticipate that chocolate cake may start to be incorporated into brunch and restaurant menus."

Of course, the benefits are quickly outweighed if cocoa is combined with a large amount of sugar and fat.

Therefore, the chocolate cake mentioned here is made on the basis of advantageous exchanges.

How about a bownie made with only four ingredients, none of which is sugar?

See now the recipe - click here.

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