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Vitamin that weakens

  •  April 9, 2020

Vitamin that weakens

New studies show that vitamin supplements for people who eat satisfactorily have no benefit. Quite the contrary: they feed myths, empty their pockets and may even do harm.

The contradiction is great. Most people who use multivitamin supplements have no dietary deficiency. The real “fashion” we witnessed benefits only big labs in a market that grossed $ 28 billion in 2010.

Three studies, pointed by the scientific publication Annals of Internal Medicine, reinforce what the industry wants to hide. While vitamin intake increases by about 30% a year, there is increasing evidence that it is of no help. In the first, tests were performed on 400 thousand participants. In the second, 5,947 patients over 65 years of age were studied for 12 years. And in the third, 1,798 men and women participated in the experiment. In all cases, no evidence of improving people's health was identified.

The message is simple: Most supplements do not prevent chronic illness or death, their use is not justified and they should be avoided. And the summary presented leaves clear messages: Antioxidant supplements such as beta carotene, vitamin E and high doses of vitamin A, alone or in combination, increase the risk of life-threatening diseases. And others like folic acid, vitamin B and mineral supplements have zero effectiveness. That is, besides deceiving, they are good for nothing.

The formula for perfect health is not the work of any scientist, nor any laboratory. And it's no secret either. Here on the site we have talked a lot that balanced diet and regular exercise are enough. The hard part is resisting temptation. But it is to help and guide that we are here.

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