Vital as water

  •  March 28, 2020

Vital as water

For me, the smartphone is vital as water. Of course I am not alone in the preference for mobile technology. With that in mind, UNICEF's campaign launches the challenge: every 10 minutes you stay away from the phone, a child gets water for a living.

If you ask, say you are doing a digital detox. The initiative, called the UNICEF Tap Project, aims to help provide drinking water to children who do not have regular access to it.

To participate, visit the campaign site from your mobile phone. With two clicks, you follow the instruction, which is one: put the phone on the table. At this time, a timer starts counting the time the phone is idle (the technology uses your phone's motion sensor). Every 10 minutes recorded, project sponsor Giorgio Armani gives UNICEF the amount of clean water a child needs in a single day.

That is, the longer you can stand without touching your phone, the more children will be helped. Leaving the site logged in while brushing our teeth, for example, is one of the project's suggestions, which gives information on how many people have helped in various cities around the world.

According to UNICEF, more than 760 million people worldwide do not have daily access to safe drinking water and 1,400 children die daily from illnesses caused by this shortage.

The cause is noble. And here comes Carnival. Take time to relax from the stressful routine of being on the phone while providing water for needy children.

Vital as water

Vital BizKhmer (March 2020)