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Until the covenant do us part

  •  September 23, 2020

Single life has its pros and cons. But for American researchers, these are the leanest years in life. No wonder you miss your youth so much. Find out why.

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Alone in life?


A new study reveals that unimpeded marital status helps you look thinner.

People who live without a romantic couple are more likely to have a lower body weight than those who share the roof with their betrothed.

The finding is from a study by Western Washington University (United States), published in Journal of Family Affairs.

The research, led by professor and sociologist Jay Teachman, used information gathered over 20 years to examine the relationship between body weight and marital life.

"The results show that living with a partner, whether divorced or never married, is associated with the Body Mass Index (BMI)," said Teachman.

The study followed the BMI of the people analyzed, a measure calculated from height and weight that is used to assess health risks such as heart disease and diabetes.

Professor Teachman found that in addition to the general difference between singles and those living with a partner, people experienced temporary weight loss after a divorce.

In this case, the suspicion is that the cause is due to stress, as well as what he called an "appearance effect."

"Single people are generally thinner and more concerned with how they look because they seek to become attractive."

As the pictures of this period usually evoke nostalgia for the weight we had in the past, the idea is not to drop the ball after climbing the altar.

After all, it makes no sense that one reason for happiness compromises another.

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