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Understand your dreams

  •  March 28, 2020

Understand your dreams

Lifts without buttons. Meetings where only you are naked. Love scenes with total unknowns. As crazy as they may sound, your dreams are always saying many things to you. But, how to understand the message?

Will they be emotional messages? Or just a physiological function to keep the brain active while we sleep? Dreams have been the subject of study for Dr. Roger Harnish for over 30 years. For him, sleep is much more than rest of the body after a day of work. To this professor of psychology at the Rochester Institute of Technology, images of the unconscious, however disconnected as we may think, follow universal patterns.

With his experience and use of technology, Dr. Roger is launching the DreamProfessor application. The promise is that with it we will be able to understand dreams, sensations and even random thoughts (such as poetry). Just record in plain text whatever is analyzed. Through algorithms, the program identifies similar patterns that occur in all dreams registered in the database. And it translates, in a text message, the meaning of what was consulted. Of course, because it deals with patterns, the app is only meant to clarify what you don't understand. That is, this is not a custom analysis, much less behavioral advice. The revealed knowledge should serve as a clue to help people get to know each other better by reducing their anxieties, fears, stress and depression. The important thing is to look at yourself - even if your eyes are closed.

Did you like it? Download the DramProfessor app from the Apple Store and understand more about yourself.

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