Turned on rest

  •  March 28, 2020

Turned on rest

First it was the answering machine for the landline and then the voicemail of the cell phones. But the problem remains: whenever we go on vacation, messages pile up and get unanswered. App replaces “I'll be right back” tickets for you to relax at least while diving.

Even when we're off, social life on the internet doesn't stop. But failing to respond to a post, photo you tagged in, or “whats” can do you no harm at all. To avoid losing business (or friends), the Relaxed app was created. Launched by the Swedish agency Rodolfo, the project was collaborated by psychologists whose task was to research digital stress - if it's a problem for people, what is causing it and what the consequences are.

Once installed on equipment such as notebook, smartphone and work computer, Relaxed automatically replies messages and posts sent to Facebook, Twitter and others. You can use the texts of the program or customize your message. This way, friends and other contacts learn that the person they tried to poke is inaccessible by choice, and will respond appropriately as soon as they can - when they arrive from the beach or only next month.

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Watch the video featuring the Relaxed app.

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