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  •  April 15, 2021

Designer bags are a temptation. To highlight their power of attraction, designer Chloe Wise recreates famous models with equally prohibitive foods.

If, when we are accompanied by a powerful bag, the ostentation is great, imagine when the appeal to the eyes also speaks to the stomach.

It all started with a joke with the Louis Vuitton baguette model.

From then on, using urethane molds, a kind of plastic that looks beyond realistic, Chloe Wise began to produce handbags that perfectly mimic the shapes of bagels, pancakes, sandwiches and breads.

The series, which has earned its obvious name Bread Bags, reveals its most ironic significance when we know that in English bread is synonymous with purchasing power.

Although objects are functional, their allegorical aspect makes them all too curious, drawing attention somewhat beyond convenience.

Thinking about nutritional values, your (calorie) value increases even more.

Check out the gallery of models produced by Chloe.








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