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Tray Diet

  •  March 28, 2020

Tray Diet

Each in its square. Eating in canteens and cafeterias using the popular "pan" makes people scrape everything, including the salad. The complete diet is certainly not due to the chef's seasoning. It has to do with the order of things.

Researchers at Cornell University (USA) have found that when we serve trays, common service in schools and large companies, we eat less and without waste. With a tray in hand and in front of dining-style options, 86% tend to help themselves to the full meal. 92% eat all salad, followed by main course and dessert. The explanation is exactly why there is a place for every food.

Without the order we see in the tray comes the hype. Anyone who eats a plate eats 54% less salad and, in 60% of cases, goes "straight to the point." And still tends to leave leftovers. Because they don't have much space and see little variety before them, they also feel compelled to stack larger portions.

For large companies looking to offer their employees a better quality of life, this is the tip. For those who, like most of us, like additional information in their quest to lose weight, we can learn about ordering the food, both in the arrangement of the table and in setting up the dishes.

Crust - Diet Tray (March 2020)