Toast is in the air

  •  April 15, 2021

Toast is in the air

You never tasted a wine as it should. Yet. Designer creates different cup to offer the complete sensory experience for drink lovers.

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The aromas are directly linked to the memory.

When we taste a wine, we look for our own references to relate to the complexity of the drink.

That is why it is said that the flavor “reminds” fruits of the forest, “reminds” wood and so on.

This is why the cup is so important in the experience.

But what if this aspect of the drink could be intensified?

This was exactly the idea of ​​entrepreneur James Piatt.

The American is launching the Wine Glass Mask.

The product mixes oxygen mask with bowl.

Its goal is to isolate the taste from the influence of the surrounding air.

This influence disperses the aromas in the environment.

And so we fail to appreciate, in their utmost expression, the primary (grape), secondary (fermentation) and tertiary (arising with wine aging) aromas.

With undisguised pretense, the inventor believes that the release will ostracize all other cups.

From the final aspect of design, it's hard to imagine the idea catching on.

After all, how could we give up the delicious clink of the crystal?

This must be the reason why the financing campaign to make production viable does not take off.

If you enjoyed it, get your cup mask on the Kickstarter platform - click here.

For the former, the promotional price is $ 15 each.


Like oxygen masks, to soak in the wine bouquet

Check out the following video how the invention works.

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