Time to share

  •  August 9, 2020

The use of social networks not only generates bad news. It's time to look at the issue with other eyes - and arguments. Sharing small achievements toward healthy goals helps us get there.

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The research was done by the American University in Washington (United States).

In it were analyzed 33 people in two weight loss groups (surgical and non-surgical).

Everyone posted regularly on social media about their experiences.

Your online activity on this subject has been monitored over four years.

As a result, sharing successes and setbacks helped participants in their commitment to weight loss.

"Sharing information and photos about weight loss goals in the virtual space is a key factor in motivating behaviors."

The synthesis is by co-author of the study, Dr. Sonya Grier.

On the one hand, sharing allows relative anonymity as you restrict (or not) your profiles.

On the other hand, I offer access and availability to create a “community” of friends that helps keep her motivated.

Do you send nudes?

Not quite, so be careful what you expose.

The study was published in Journal of Interactive Marketing.

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Gemini - Time To Share (August 2020)