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This is to break your record

  •  March 28, 2020

This is to break your record

Watching the clock: Only 60 days left. Perfect for breaking records, the biggest street race in the Netherlands, the Rotterdam Marathon, is coming. Prepare your bags as you read, because the vacancies are running out.

Under-4? Under-3? The time has come to break your record. April 13, Sunday, will be the Rotterdam Marathon. In this port city, the marathon route has always favored runners. So much so that three world records were set on the streets of the second largest and most important Dutch city. The race is so fast that the 2013 winner, Tilahun Regassa, completed the race in absurd 2:05:38. The weather also helps, with the ever-present sun and the average temperature at 8 ° C.

Altogether there are 20,000 runners, and almost 1 million people on the streets to give that strength. But the party is not restricted to high performance athletes. Parallel to 42km, there are 10km races, one for beginners (4.2km) and children's races, with distances of 1km and 2.5km. But run! Due to the high demand, the organization has just made 1,500 more seats available at the start, to complete the record number of participants in the main race at 13,500.

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marathon expo

The party begins at the pickup of the kits the day before

This is to break your record

Started: always good weather and average temperature 8 ° C

This is to break your record

High point of the race is the passage over Erasmus Bridge

Watch the video showing the route and… have a nice trip!

Break Your Chains (March 2020)