Thinning by the ear

  •  May 31, 2020

Thinning by the ear

Alone it is very difficult to get thin. I know, because that's how I faced the whole process of losing 61 pounds. But do not need be like that. Today, several therapies, previously considered alternative, can aid in weight loss.

One of these alternatives is acupuncture. In a recent article, researchers at Kyung Hee University (South Korea) showed that advanced ear acupuncture, called ear acupuncture, can positively interfere with metabolism - and help a person burn more calories.

In the study, 91 volunteers were followed. Divided into three groups, each tested one of three methods (with five needles, one needle and then removed needles - placebo). In two months of weekly sessions, they also followed a specific diet.

As a result, among those undergoing five-needle treatment, weight loss was 6.1% of total body weight; Among those undergoing needle treatment, the average loss was 5.7%; and among the others (placebo), there was no significant loss. In addition, there was a reduction in body fat percentage, but only among those who were treated with five needles.

The scope of the survey was considered limited, in particular because of the relatively small scale (out of 24 participants dropped out). However, considering results from other research on the effects of acupuncture, there is reason to bet on treatment as an ally in the fight against obesity.

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