Think young forever

  •  April 3, 2020

Think young forever

With interviews and good humor, new book teaches how to "think young." Written by advertising genius, it is aimed at anyone who wants to reach their full potential at any age or profession.

On the front pages, you may have the impression that you are reading something that is targeted at the creative industry - advertising agencies, filmmakers, and so on. Only not. Dedicated to those who are passionate about what they do, regardless of age and professional background, Spark for the Fire - How Youthful Thinking Unlocks Creativity is the first and recently released book. by Ian Wharton. As the author himself stated, it is a call to experimentation, an invitation to embrace new things, to look and learn beyond what we know.

The author himself is a young advertising talent, creative director of the US agency AKQA, which has already attracted market interest from his 2008 undergraduate project, the short film animation Solar (see below).

One of the teachings of the book is "fail fast". This way, whatever the project, it will have to work simply because the launching step has already been completed. And from there, just perfect. The moral of the story is that young people do not follow rules and, for this reason, can propose “out of the box” solutions.

In support of his argument, Ian included interviews with prominent personalities in various areas, including Nick Park, Oscar winner for Wallace & Gromit, chef Jamie Oliver, journalist and writer Michael Wolff, Jean Oelwang (CEO of Virgin Unite, Virgin Group Foundation), among others.

Although the book is not yet scheduled for release in Brazil, it is a hint that achieving different results for the same problems requires a new approach. Or rather a young approach.

Think young forever

Spark the Fire has no release date in Brazil

Watch Ian Wharton's impressive and sensitive undergraduate work.

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