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There, i said it! An electrifying carnival

  •  April 5, 2020

An electrifying carnival

I want to make our relationship closer and closer because I trust the innovations in the area of ​​well-being, food and the feminine universe that I offer. As sharing stories brings us closer, I want to know yours at this Carnival. And I start!

My unforgettable story came in 2011, when I was invited to be featured in a float from the Rio Grande School. When people see us on television, they have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. So I can't resist revealing a story that was literally an electrifying laugh.

First of all, I had to be screeched - and to a height of 6 meters! Try to imagine me, with a 15 cm heel, all full of makeup and ornaments, being lifted high ... I sat, obviously! And to get up? He looked around for where to hold, but the spaces were few, with all that wonderful car lighting. Now go! Those minutes with the car moving slowly in concentration were the fastest of my life! Imagine me, sitting in front of the crowd that was already rising on the horizon? In front of cameras from everyone?

Until ... I remembered the moments of overcoming and there I was, standing in the only possible place on the bar. Sambando with all the delicacy of muuuuundo! Result? Oh my God! The school was among the champions and would have to repeat their parade! Not all over again, boss - that's the kind way I treat Jayder Soares, the school's headmaster.

How to leave the parade of champions - could not, right ?! What's more, the invitation this time was to be featured in the school's main car. In place of Zeca Pagodinho. But getting there… Once there, I found a giant ladder to climb into the car, which was full of electrifying LED bulbs. Remember the last shock you had? Now multiply the mood and the fright by six!

For this is the number of people who have been shocked by the wrong footstep that I have made and that has made everything more vibrant. In the end, everything went well! I went all the way parading electrified on the catwalk floor.

And you, have a good history of Carnival? Enjoy the revelry to gather experiences, tips or whatever you find interesting to tell me. Also worth a fun photo. And you already know: if I like it, I can even give you a gift. So go with the fun - and tell me everything by filling out the form below.

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