The worst memories of childhood

  •  August 13, 2020

The worst memories of childhood

Dissatisfaction with appearance during childhood can cause eating disorders later in life. Controlling anxiety in this age group, as well as dealing with bullying, is to prevent balance problems in adulthood.

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It is small that the cucumber is twisted.

The association between childhood and food is not just semantic.

The discontent of children with their own body can lead to the development of eating disorders in adolescence.

This is the revelation of a study done in partnership between College London University, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Harvard University (United States).

For the first time, scientists have been able to relate excessive body concern and future consequences on weight.

In the research were evaluated six thousand children, from eight to 14 years old.

At age 8, 5% of girls and 3% of boys were dissatisfied with their body shape.

At 14, 32% of girls and 16% of boys were already.

At the same age, 38.8% of girls and 12.2% of boys had behaviors related to eating disorders.

Among these disorders were excessive dieting, laxatives, or binge eating.

It is surprising that so many boys and girls are unhappy about their bodies so soon.

This is a consequence of the abbreviation of childhood, which occurs mainly in large cities.

Researchers warn of the importance of parents and educators addressing issues such as weight and self-esteem in childhood.

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