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The world under your fingers

  •  April 15, 2021

World wide world. Think of the planet before you as a giant scratch card. Where your mission in life is to mark the places you know so as to flaunt the destinations you have visited with humor.

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I am curious about the success of adult coloring books.

But I found a much more rewarding playful activity for the greater.

This was I Was Here Scratch-Off World Map 2.0, a planisphere that works like a giant scratch card.

The idea is that you will scrape the countries where you have been.

Thus, the piece created by the Russian studio Art. Lebedev is becoming more and more decorative.

Interestingly, given its origin, you can have fun learning how to read the names of countries in Russian.

Even analog, you can do a digital test drive of the project by scraping a region of the map via online - click here.

The product is available for $ 29.78 (about 90 reais) on the company's website.

But the English version seems to be a more readable and affordable opportunity, as it is on sale for $ 9.76 on Amazon - click here.


The more you scrape, the more decorative and colorful the piece gets.

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