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The werewolf diet

  •  April 9, 2020

The werewolf diet

A new phase in your life? Fashion among the stars and also known as “full moon diet”, new regime promises to reduce measures. Only this was missing: as the earth spins, it is you who lose weight.

Two pounds less in 24 hours. Yeah, this is hairy. And it's supposed to have taken stars like Demi Moore and Madonna. The werewolf diet theory relates the effect of gravity that our planet's natural satellite exerts on the tides to the control of the liquids we carry in our bodies.

The idea is to keep an eye on the leaflet. According to MoonConnection.com, consuming more fluids with each new or full moon stimulates kidney activity, allowing the body to better eliminate excess fluid. This extra work on the kidneys ensures the cleansing of toxins that accumulate in tissues from poor diet and daily stress. All to promote a detox and strengthen our immune system.

The recommendation changes with the other phases of the moon. On the crescent moon one should eat with balance and on the new moon a little less. Contrary to the appetite of wolves, the key here is to stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied, and never give in to sweets.

Once again, this news is here to keep you up to date. After all, the fitness formula is made up of information and common sense.

Did You Know - About the Werewolf Diet (April 2020)