The weight of motivation

  •  May 31, 2020

The weight of motivation

Weighing often helps to become body conscious and consequently to lose weight. But some tips, such as the best day of the week and time of day, can further help this tool work in our mind.

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In a previous article we saw that the higher you get on the scale, the more weight you can lose - read here.

There is nothing more demotivating than seeing the scale pointer go the opposite way to our expectation.

Body weight works like the tide, it fluctuates. At alternate times, you certainly have to deal with an elastic mood variation in front of the display.

However, some tips can help improve what the device shows. This can create positive feedback that is good for self-esteem - and motivates us to persevere along the way.

Here's how to get the most out of the balance.

Choose a fixed day

Choose a fixed day to climb the scale. No matter what, but make sure it's not a Monday, the day after the weekend's overkill. I suggest every Friday, or Wednesday - day when, according to a study by Tempere University of Technology (Finland), our weight is in balance.

Weigh yourself early

The best time to weigh yourself is always when you wake up. And still no clothes and after using the toilet. This habit will make you observe your weight without the influence of the day's clothes, or how your digestion and fluid retention goes along the journey.

Record your results

Keep a journal of what you find in the balance. As the numbers go down, you'll feel like you're winning the game. And once on this level, get my congratulations right now. If not, you will know immediately that you should try harder.