The trees speak

  •  April 5, 2020

The trees speak

There are people who talk to plants. For know that they respond - only not to anyone. Study reveals that trees communicate with each other, even between different species. And how long have you been talking to someone for real?

The nature is really impressive. As we fight for a signal to our smartphones, millions of years ago trees are already connected to large networks and exchanging messages. But in this conversation there is no room for hashtags: they interact for survival.

In a video, University of British Columbia professor Suzanne Simard explains how trees communicate through branches that sometimes extend for miles. According to her, the connection takes place underground through the fungi that surround the roots. In this symbiotic relationship, trees exchange carbon and nitrogen, which is sent from older to younger trees whenever they “send a message” that they need these nutrients. In this way, the entire ecosystem remains healthy and interconnected.

These links are compared to the human brain, which, to perform synapses, transmits electrical impulses between neurons and axons. Trees use fungi, roots, soil and microorganisms to do the same thing. What makes us think: if they can talk, they can certainly feel. That is, take better care of our friends. Surely they will speak well of you.

British Columbia Forest

These are the “talking trees”: forest in the state of British Columbia (Canada)


The theory is that possibly the entire forest is interconnected

Watch the report with Professor Suzanne Simard:

Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak | PIAF 2017 (April 2020)