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The table of 2043

  •  April 10, 2020

What do you have for dinner 2043? See trends pointed by the innovation lab that investigates how we will feed over the next 25 years.

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Few of the projections of what would be the 21st century have been fulfilled.

The cars still don't fly.

And we do not feed on military rations, since there was no nuclear holocaust.

But the food industry doesn't give up on exercising the imagination.

For this purpose, the Future Market was conceived.

Concepts are based on emerging trends, combined with familiar forms.

An example is the Aqua Cull Killer Fish Sticks, fish snacks with a crispy shell.

The detail is the use of lionfish meat.

This is a species from Asia, which has spread throughout the Caribbean and threatens the Brazilian coast.

This fish is a voracious predator that multiplies at an astonishing speed.

The result of their invasion is serious damage to native biodiversity.

Consuming them could help balance threatened ecosystems.

Does the selling point seem too rational?

To help, the packaging brings a cartoon fish and friendly language.

Another product designed to meet environmental demands is Crop Crisps.

These snacks are made from seasonal cereals.

They are hard red wheat, winter white wheat, lentils and chickpeas.

Thus each flavor is produced when the ingredient is available in the field.

Alternating crops in the same agricultural area has benefits for soil recovery.

And it helps combat monocultures, which eliminate species diversity.

The Future Market was a highlight of the Fancy Food Show.

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