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The sugar ballad

  •  March 28, 2020

The sugar ballad

Every day has a reason, and no one is iron. And in that, there is no doubt. Around the skeleton, sometimes we have a lot of fat, that's it! So don't let your guard down - even at party time. Know how many calories each drink carries.

This is dose. And it's no use drinking to forget. It's like every drink is a caipirinha, except we don't see the sugar in the bottom of the glass. They are there, hidden: they are the calories.

With a high calorie value, beverages (especially spirits) can jeopardize all your efforts to lose weight, as each gram of alcohol has 7 calories. If a draft tulip has the same 130 calories as a loaf of bread, imagine how many baguettes you put in at the end of the ballad!

I'm not telling you to stay out of the party. Just keep an eye. A good tip is to put plenty of ice in the glass. Now, look good and have fun!

If you have another tip, or want to exchange ideas with me about nutrition and healthy living, join my online chat.

Beverage Home measure Weight (g) Calories (Kcal)
Brandy1 serving50 ml115
Fruit Smoothie with Condensed Milk1 cup200 ml504
Sugared Lemon Caipirinha (Brandy)1 cup200 ml300
Sugared Lemon Caipirinha (Vodka)1 cup200 ml310
Lemon Caipirinha with Sweetener (Brandy)1 cup200 ml240
Sugared Strawberry Caipirinha (Sake)1 cup200 ml340
Beer1 can350 ml151
Malzbier "Brahma" Beer1 long neck355 ml199
Light beer1 long neck355 ml89
Champagne1 cup125 ml110
Draft beer1 tulip300 ml180
Brandy1 serving50 ml125
Cuba Libre1 cup250 ml170
Gin1 serving30 ml60
Margarita1 cup150 ml131
Mojito1 cup200 ml250
Prosecco1 cup125 ml106
Rum1 serving50 ml110
Sake1 cup35 ml50
Smirnoff Ice1 long neck275 ml240
Tequila1 serving50 ml110
Whiskey1 serving50 ml120
Sweet white wine1 cup125 ml173
Dry white wine1 cup125 ml107
Red wine1 cup125 ml107
Vodka1 serving50 ml120

Sugar Ballad (March 2020)