The smell of fashion

The smell of fashion
  •  July 8, 2020

Until recently, the fragrance industry - which raises $ 9 billion a year - invested in products to scent people. Now the market opens for the creation of aromas for brands and events.

Considered the first olfactory branding company, 12.29 raised that sense as a platform for performance, opening its services for events during the last New York Fashion Week fashion shows. For brands being launched, betting on the new helps drive business. With this teaching, they paraded exuding exclusive aromas Tocca, Calla and Prabal Gurung.

Behind the business are identical twins Dawn and Samantha Goldworm. They were born with a special neurological condition, synesthesia, and could "see" aromas as colors and shapes. Thus, if a company has the blue logo, for example, the pair can "translate" their visual identity into fragrance. For the stylist clients, the work involved getting to know the entire collection, the color palette, the fabrics and even the models that will show, including sensory details such as the chosen song. For each designer, a distinct olfactory identity is created and delivered after a month of testing.

For the Tocca collection, inspired by ballet, the aroma developed was based on the smell of “pitch”, a yellowish-white powder that the dancers use not to slip.

And how it works? The scent helps to promote the concept of the collection created by the designer by stimulating the emotional part of the brain of the parade attendant, activating a deep memory that cannot be erased. That is, very careful. Your favorite brand may be hooking you for the smell.

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