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The secret of the line that walks

  •  May 28, 2020

The show is about to begin and you want to secure at least one bottle of water. In front of the boxes, a lot of people. What to do? To get to the fastest line, statistical study reveals precious tips.

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Exemplary Routine - How was the day of the brightest minds My cat leap - I lost 60 pounds by reinventing my daily life Do you also have the impression that you chose the wrong row when the one next door goes faster? The most intuitive strategy is to choose the smaller one, of course. After all, a short queue may indicate that you have an efficient employee. And a long queue can mean an inexperienced attendant, or complicated customers. But generally this is not true. A study by the Desmos Institute (United States) looked at the subject, and produced some tips. One of them: do not be alarmed by the volume of cart purchases in front of you. Between the talk about amenities, form of payment and the speed of packaging, are 48 seconds per customer, on average. Then, skipping each article takes 2.8 seconds. That is, a large purchase of 100 products means a total of 5.4 minutes. Already four people with 200 products each will take a total of 6.9 minutes. In this case, the conclusion is that the smaller queue will go faster. Another tip: always take the left row. Since most people are right-handed, they tend to head to the right row. Here the gender issue also manifests itself. As men have less patience, it is possible that some will give up and leave the line. Still, advanced age, families and groups of friends tend to be distracted and waste time.

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