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The Recipe Spy

  •  April 15, 2021

Want to prepare that dish you saw in an Instagram photo? Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a program that deciphers revenue just by analyzing the image.

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In the old spy movies, secret documents were recorded with photos.

With them, experts tried to decipher the enemy's plans.

For more than peaceful purposes, the appeal came out of fiction.

MIT scientists (United States) created the Pic2Recipe.

It is a computer program that “deciphers” ingredients and recipe preparation.

All from a single image.

To use the feature, you take a picture of what you would like to find out how it was done.

Then just upload the photo.

Recognition software identifies the elements.

From there, artificial intelligence examines more than one million recipes from various websites.

And can answer up to 65% of queries.

For a while.

This is because the system is still in testing.

Which justifies the provisional internet domain and the amateur design interface.

Imagine the usefulness of such a system for people with dietary restrictions.

Or even for those who simply want to avoid gluten, even if not celiac.

But don't expect to discover Ferran Ádria's secret sauce.

At least not in a short time.

After all, artificial intelligence corresponds to what it suggests to be.

And it has the ability to "learn" from everything that is shared on the internet.

With the speed with which gastronomic contents are developed, the scenario is real.

In the future, an app that uncovers culinary secrets will be commonplace.

I have investigated several recipes myself to simplify and lighten.

That's how I got the perfect roast chicken formula - check it out here.


Artificial intelligence identifies dishes with 1 million recipe database

Check out the following video how the program works.

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