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The real travel companion

  •  April 15, 2021

We only talk about the most active, of course. But what about the lazy ones? Launch of the perfect suitcase for travel for those who want to make the least effort possible draws attention as there is a market for physical inactivity.

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In addition to the federal constitution and the civil code, there is another rule that millions of people in Brazil and around the world live under, which is the law of least effort.

The more we talk about the need for physical activity and getting out of physical inactivity, the more people seem to do the opposite.

It is exactly this class that made Modobag a success even before it was launched.

It is a handbag that incorporates a built-in scooter in the frame.

There are 8.5 pounds with handle, wheels, seat and engine that can reach up to 12 km / h.

This means a pace three times faster than a walk.

Enough to accelerate when you need it most, either to get to the departure gate in time or to rest your legs without wasting time.

On the way, USB ports can be used to charge the battery of your gadgets before boarding.

Speaking of energy, the bike also uses a battery, which charges at 80% of maximum capacity in 15 minutes.

The idea has been so well received that the project, which seeks to become viable by crowdfunding, has raised more than 200% over the amount initially intended.

The first motorized suitcases cost $ 995 (about 3,200 reais) and will be delivered from January 2017.

To guarantee yours, visit the project page on the Indiegogo platform - click here.

I regard this release as a great curiosity, and only.

But the receptivity to the project shows how much acceptance find gadgets that favor a sedentary lifestyle.

Finding reasons for walking under any pretext is best for short, medium and long term health.

Fighting physical inactivity is fighting instinct, which tells us to store energy.

Energy in the form of fat around the waist and internal organs, understand.

But from any point of view, it is a worthwhile effort.


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Check out the following video how the invention works.

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