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  •  November 26, 2020

We see people with their smartphones everywhere and that doesn't get anyone's attention. But what if we found someone doing something more educational in unusual places, would that motivate us to do the same?

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Today we have a closer relationship with the iPhone than with some people.

Of course much of the time spent on gadgets is well invested.

But we could redeem part of it with more fruitful, culturally speaking habits.

To provoke reading desire in others, Slovak Jakub Pavlovsky created the Book's Calling project.

The idea is quite simple.

Every day Jakub roams the streets of Bratislava with some books in his bag.

When you find an inspiring place or situation, record a picture of yourself reading a book.

Sitting in unusual places, such as the supermarket floor, can generate strong images.

Your goal is to upset people.

The idea is that later at home, they open a book, or go to a library to borrow.

Judging by the over 200,000 followers of your Instagram page, the project has been successful.

With this, Jakub has received invitations to give lectures to book lovers in his country.

How about you, how long haven't you opened the pages of a good book?

For a bit of motivation, check out some of the following project photos.








IELTS Reading Time Management (November 2020)