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The power of rosemary

  •  May 28, 2020

The power of rosemary

It is most commonly used to make tea and spices. The news is that rosemary can make us faster and smarter. In addition to spicy taste, the aromatic plant is able to improve speed and accuracy in cognitive tasks.

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To improve speed and performance on mental tasks, scent the environment with rosemary. It could start with a twig on the desk, for example.

A study by Northumbria University (England) with a group of volunteers taking math tests found that by getting in touch with the essence of rosemary sprinkled in the environment, the group's performance improved.

More interestingly, it was found by blood tests that the higher the concentration of eucalyptol (the most active chemical component of the plant) in the body, the faster and more accurate the responses.

So use and abuse rosemary. And prefer the always fresh herb!

These tips are from my book 365 Tips for Getting Fit and Happy, which you find at newsstands.

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The Power of Rosemary Essential Oil (May 2020)