The power of friendships

  •  September 20, 2020

The power of friendships

The true treasure of this life is friends. Which, in addition to helping us hold the bar when it weighs, can make the pain go away - literally. Study reveals how having friends increases pain tolerance.

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Friends have the power to make us feel better.

But real friends can guarantee more than a friendly shoulder in tough times.

Research from the University of Oxford (England) has shown that the more good friends, the better we can deal with physical pain.

The study followed 101 volunteers who reported how many close friends they had.

The scientists hypothesized that people with more friends would be more active than endorphins, molecules produced in the brain that control pain and make us feel good.

Earlier studies had suggested that endorphins are also related to social relationships, so people with a larger circle of friends would have greater tolerance for pain.

This is exactly what the study revealed.

In the test, participants had to kneel against a wall in a really awkward position.

Those who reported having more friends endured staying in position longer.

Exactly by the largest amount of endorphins.

To confirm the finding, more research needs to be done.

Until then, why not prevent any problems and broaden, or at least narrow, your circle of friends?

I don't just talk about those virtual ones.

I suggest using the same smartphone that you try to spend time on social networks to call a flesh-and-blood friend.

Make an appointment or a movie, and enjoy laughing at life.

This text used information disclosed on the website. Science daily - Read the full text here.

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