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The Potato War

  •  July 8, 2020

The Potato War

Chips are a temptation. Sometimes it is possible to believe that there are not enough of them. For fast food fans, the apocalypse has come true. In Japan, Mc Donald’s is rationing its famous fries due to product shortages.

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There's no way. In the process of producing potato chips in fast food cafeterias, the vegetable oil used in the frying of the tuber alters the chemical and organic characteristics of the food. In this process, acrylamides are created.

Acrylamide is produced when carbohydrate-rich foods are heated to temperatures above 120 degrees centigrade. There is strong evidence that the substance is carcinogenic.

Even with so many reasons to avoid them, there is no one who can resist temptation. At least there wasn't.

In Japan, Mc Donald’s is rationing the potato served with the combos due to the shortage of the product.

The shortage of potatoes in the Japanese market is due to the struggle of West Coast port workers for better wages.

The first step is to remove from the menu the large size of the product. Even so, the expectation is that potatoes will be missing in some of the chain's three thousand restaurants in the country during the holidays.

The company is trying to get around the situation by transporting a thousand tons of frozen potatoes by air and shipping another 1,600 from other US ports.

Maybe this forced moratorium does not influence behavioral changes of the Japanese in 2015?

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