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The popcorn on the scene

  •  April 5, 2020

The Popcorn Story

Popcorn is my favorite snack food. Of course I have my tip to get lighter. They satisfy hunger, guarantee fiber, antioxidants and have fun watching movies. By the way, let's see one that tells the story of this pop?

Records indicate the presence of popcorn in the Aztec pyramids in the Mexico region for over 4,000 years. Some corns were so well preserved that they could still burst if they were placed in the pan. Certainly, this idea crossed the minds of archaeologists. But the richness of the discovery spoke louder. After all, what makes corn the ideal movie company? The secret is very simple: water. It is the expansion of moisture within the grain that makes it explode.

In a liquid state, the core is expelled out, cooling and solidifying instantly. If you look at what happens under a microscope, you can see the air bubbles that form from the heated grain. That's why they're so light: because they're made of bubbles!

Popcorn is all good. According to scientists at the University of Scranton, in the United States, popcorn gathers more antioxidants than a lot of fruits and vegetables. Emphasis on the supply of dietary fibers, which help the proper functioning of the intestine. And also by slowing digestion, thus prolonging satiety - which keeps us from temptation. And if the presence of excess fat and salt makes it prohibitive, check out my way to make a healthy version.

Watch the following video to see a 250x magnified image of what we are talking about.

Real Genius (8/8) Movie CLIP - Jerry's House of Popcorn (1985) HD (April 2020)