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The perfection of fried egg

  •  September 23, 2020

Knowing how to fry an egg is culinary lesson number one. If it were worth a grade, would you pass the test? Video shows in beautiful pictures how to make the perfect star egg.

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He has gone from the role of heart-attacking villain to starring without any blame.

With the soft yolk and the crispy egg white, it's hard to find anyone who doesn't like a fried egg.

And who does not know how to prepare it.

It will be?

The uncomplicated process makes the usual result look good.

Which, believe me, can improve.

That's what clarifies the video produced by the site. The moment, in partnership with the magazine Domino.

Here the trick is in thoughtful preparation.

Apparently, to make a crispy fried egg is to water it continuously with hot olive oil.

In a few minutes, the beautiful work unveils how hard it is to do the simple.

But olive oil?

Some prefer butter, and some make it fat-free in a good nonstick skillet.

In this regard, a lot of attention.

The issue of oil (type and quantity) directly influences the caloric content of the dish.

To avoid the risk, many prefer boiled eggs - see how to do it perfectly.

Anyway, check out the delicious lesson in the following video.

And then tell me how you prefer to prepare yours.

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